The tastiest goat ice cream in Europa

100% Organic, prepared with fresh products!

  • Cow’s milk-free, but made from real milk
  • Low in lactose
  • Easily digestible ice cream
  • Velvety smooth taste

Cookie Dough

Discover our delicious Cookie Dough flavor from our newly launched goat’s milk ice cream brand! Taste the perfect balance between creamy goat’s milk ice cream and delightful cookie dough chunks. An irresistible delight for food enthusiasts!

Vanilla Raspberry

Experience the gentle temptation of Vanilla Raspberry, a delightful creation from our goat’s milk ice cream brand. Enjoy the creamy vanilla flavor with a hint of juicy raspberries for a flavorful treat.

Sea Salted Caramel

Savor the rich, savory temptation of our Sea Salted Caramel ice cream creation. Let your taste buds be indulged by the perfect combination of sea salt and creamy caramel. An irresistible delight!

About us

Happy Goats Goodness is an ice cream brand that makes delicious ice cream from 100% Dutch goat’s milk and real fruit, with no added flavourings. The company was founded in 2023 with the aim of producing ice cream based on goat’s milk, because until then there was no good alternative for people affected by cow’s milk.

Happy Goats Goodness uses organic goats’ milk from the Struik family in Dirksland and we process it at de IJshoeve B.V. in Stellendam, using only fresh raw materials.

The founders, Victor Boone and Lars Hoffmann, came up with the idea of making goat ice cream during their graduation internship, seeing that people who suffer from cow’s milk have limited ice cream choices. Both have an affinity with goats and Victor has experience on a goat farm. Goat milk was chosen for its lighter digestibility, high protein content, vitamins, minerals and low lactose content compared to cow’s milk. The decision to use organic goat milk is based on the fact that organic goats mainly eat fresh grass, resulting in flavourful milk without the strong goat taste. Also, goat milk has smaller fat molecules, which makes the ice cream easily digestible and has a soft texture.

The different flavours in our range come about through the use of sauces composed and freshly made by ourselves. Our ice cream is therefore not only delicious but also easily digestible and kind to the stomach. A perfect treat for anyone who loves delicious ice cream but especially also for people suffering from cow’s milk problems who previously often had to make do with water ice cream or sorbet ice cream.
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